Mess yourself up

Woody Goss is an amazing keys player for the band Vulfpeck. He's known for his incredible improvisational skills, and seems to constantly play new and amazing melodies with little effort.

While many performers spend the moments before entering the stage getting themselves 'into the zone', to try to be at one with the music, Woody does the opposite.

He tries to mess himself up, to distract himself, to get out of the zone.

He knows that only by doing that, can he really get to the core of his skill. To let the real improvisation come out. He wants to be put into tricky situations, musically, and have to find his way out.

When you've already spent a significant amount of time honing your craft or learning your topic, often the best thing you can do is to trust in yourself and your mind to rise to the occasion, when the occasion comes.

It's how you can have a conversation, deliver a talk, or answer a question, with an unmatched level of sincerity and authenticity. You may need to search for words sometimes, or think for a moment, but that's the point. It's real.

Spend time learning, practicing, consuming, and preparing. Then mess yourself up and trust in yourself to be real in the moment.