Some days

Some days everything works. Everything flows. Everything feels easy. You can run farther, jump higher, and you feel lighter on your feet.

Other days it's a struggle. You feel heavy. You move more slowly. You have to push harder to achieve the same thing.

While every day is naturally going to be different for you, for uncountable reasons, it's important to remember that the day is not different. Only you.

We can choose to be defeated by ourselves. By the uncontrollable forces that change our mood or our energy levels. Or we can accept that days are varied, and decide to own our day.

When things feel heavy, make the decision to push harder, knowing that tomorrow it will be easier.

When things feel dull, make the effort to look for a light in your day, knowing that tomorrow things will be brighter.

Some days just suck, but it's up to you whether to be defeated.