The process

I used to call myself outcome focused. I was driven by objectives, and reaching a destination. Define the destination, and then organise yourself and your actions around getting there.

More recently, as I've begun creating things, my mind has shifted. No longer is the outcome the only thing in focus, but now the process.

With creative work, there is a large part out of your control. Once you've released something into the world, and get it in front of people, there is little more you can do. People will engage with your art if it resonates with them. If they draw an emotional tie. If not, it wasn't for them.

When you write an article online, and nobody reads it, did you do something wrong? Maybe. But then, what are you writing for?

I started writing because I love writing. I love the way it forces me to think deeply about things. I love the expression that comes from language. I love to read. I love that it goes out into the world and people can see it. That scares me. I love it.

But if that is all true, then I can't be outcome focused. If no readers show up, it should not change the way I feel about the process of writing.

I've come to realise that it's not just about the outcome anymore, but about the process of showing up every day, and working on something that brings meaning. The feeling of having shown up at times I felt uninspired, and still shipped something. Looking back and seeing the things that did not previously exist, but now do.

It turns out the creative process is just as important as the outcome. Maybe more.

And the beauty is, commitment to the process of creating and shipping usually brings the outcome to life anyway.